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8 tips for a stand out resume to apply for job

What does your resume need to stand out?
Writing an eye-catching resume can be a daunting task for anyone entering the job market in UAE, USA or any other country these days. There are as many opinions about what or what not to include as there are jobs in companies available.Thousands of jobs in every area are available. Each of us presents a different profile to showcase; and therefore it is not a one- size-fits-all approach when creating a winning resume. There are some things you can do to insure yours is a stand out resume.

1. Go easy on the key words – For the past several years we have been told to stuff our resumes with searchable key words to insure we got a call back. Result, too many boilerplate resumes looking suspiciously overrated. I am not suggesting you ditch the key words altogether. Use moderation and be sure there is content to back them up.
2. Customized resume – This trend continues to be key to a successful job search. A customized resume forces you to think about what the employer really needs and how you will meet those needs. The employer views you as a problem solver.

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3. Showcase your brand – Employers are eager to know what makes you unique, above and beyond the hundreds of other applicants applying. Your resume should call out what you are known for in your area of specialization.
4. ROI is key – Link your brand to your ROI. Hiring is expensive and employers want to be convinced that bringing you on board is a good investment. Include accomplishments that show how you saved or helped the company make money. If you can’t come up with monetary examples look for other ways to quantify such as process improvements, improved customer service or timesaving methods.
5. Make it mobile friendly – More and more of us are conducting business from our smart phones. HR is no exception. Test out your resume text to be sure it reads easily on your mobile phone.
6. Call out boxes – Encapsulate the most important information within a box border. These can be used to highlight your brand statement. They are effective in drawing the reader’s eye to key marketing messages. Be sure to use them sparingly!
7. Show don’t tell – Employers want to know what you have achieved and could care less about your laundry list of job responsibilities. Consider a separate section near the top of your resume entitled, ‘Career Highlights’ to showcase quantifiable achievements that demonstrate how you contributed to the bottom-line. Your resume should never read like a job description.
8. Resume etiquette – Before you update your resume be sure to check out this infographic, Do’s and Don’ts For A Modern Resume.

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