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Important Documents to Secure If You Want to Work Abroad

Are you looking for a job? For many of us, working abroad is a chance to start a new. It is also a great opportunity to experience a different culture and a good venue to expand one’s horizons. Many possibilities can await a person after deciding to work abroad. That includes the possibility to earn more, gain new friends from different parts of the world, and the possibility of opening up new career paths.

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However, before successfully going abroad as a worker or employee, it is important to secure the necessary documents first to ensure that your entry to the new country will be legal. Working abroad would also cost you a lot of fees. So it is important to check if you are dealing with the right agencies and officials. So upon arrival you are confident that it won’t be in vain. Below are several documents that you should secure before you can finally take off and make your bones in a different country. When you are looking for a job abroad, you need to check the following list:

Valid Passport/Visa and a Work Permit
These are the first and foremost documents that you need to secure. You need to contact or go personally to your country’s immigration office and ask about what official passports or visas do you need to get in order to work in a different country. It is also important to tell them which country you are planning to go to, because the requirements would vary depending on your country of destination. Some might only require a passport and work permit, but some might require a visa.

Transcript of Records or School Records
Your employment abroad would also entail a background and credential check. Your school records will help you land more opportunities once you are already abroad. It also comes in handy whenever an employer will ask for it there.

Employment Certifications
If you have worked in several other companies before you are thinking about working abroad, it is best to secure your employment certifications from these companies – including from your latest company. These will become part of the proof of your professional experience and can help you land the right job abroad.

Tax Records
Some may not require it, but keeping a copy of your latest tax records can come in handy. Just in case the embassy wants to dig deeper in your records. This is usually done by some officers just to check that the outgoing citizen is not running or escaping from any tax liabilities.

Employment Contract
If you already have an employer waiting for you abroad, might as well secure a copy of your employment contract already either via online or fax. So you can show it whenever you need to apply for your work permit. Just make sure to have the document signed by the management of the company abroad too.

6. Valid Health Certificate:

For serving abroad, there is also required you medical reports details. Several countries demand a medical exam as a contingency of employment. Exams are in reality often the model abroad. Not with standing skepticism from the World Health Organization, which, same the EEOC, points to the potential for discrimination. The organization also announces the exams often overstep their extent and there is little observational evidence determining their utility. Nevertheless, they are extensively used.

7. Valid TESDA Certificate (if applicable):

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is the government firm tasked to regulate and supervise technical education and skills advancement. In some countries, it is also required for getting the job over there. If it shows in their eligibility criteria so you must be shown TESDA certification for becoming eligible to work abroad.

8. Sponsoring company’s valid trade license:

Another one requirement is the company confirmed the trade license. Trade License is a certificate which gives the authority to move on an appropriate trade or business for which it is circulated. It does not award possession of assets or permission for any other activity lately than for which it is declared. The organization where you are proceeding to serve. it will impart trade license so you may easily access over there.

Looking for a Job and going abroad to work is an exciting and fulfilling experience mostly. You get to immerse yourself in a different environment and culture that will eventually widen your social skills and understanding of the world. You get to meet a lot of different people, gain new friends and connections along the way, and even develop new skills and talents that can help you go further in your career.

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