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Medical Sector Considered Recession Proof in Dubai

While many sectors are complaining of slumping sales while looking forward to the end of the recession, the medical sector has been spared the brunt of the challenges. David Hadley, CEO of Emirates Healthcare Limited and Medi-Clinic Middle East recently discussed the growth of the two hospitals and five clinics in Dubai he is responsible for. Compared to last year’s numbers, profits are up 37%.

This may be good news for those seeking work in medical and health related fields. Several hospitals were planned for Dubai but progress came to halt when the economy was shaken over the last year. The lack of competition obviously played a big part in Emirates Healthcare Limited’s City Hospital breaking even on its multi-million dollar construction in less than twelve months.

Some experts think that the rapid success of Emirates Healthcare Limited will encourage the construction of the stalled medical facility’s construction to resume. While this may not be great news for David Hadley, who is confident in his lack of competition, if it comes to fruition it will be excellent for employment in the healthcare sector.

The expected projections are that the healthcare market throughout the Gulf will grow five times by 2025. Experts are estimating government spending of $15-$17 billion. One question that some are puzzled by is where will the medical professionals come from? While the hiring is still slow in Dubai for doctors and nurses, it looks very promising that we will see a huge change in job growth over the next few years.

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