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No Response from Dubai Recruiters? Here’s Why…

From the moment we submit our CV for a job, we are impatiently waiting to hear back from the recruiters in the hope that we’ve been successfully shortlisted or called for an interview. Yet, most times, we hear nothing from them. While this can be very painful and frustrating, it is important for us to understand where the problem could lie. Could it be one of those “prospecting” vacancies posted by recruiting agencies just to build up a database? Was something lacking in our CV or our experience and qualifications? Or is this just a routine and pattern we must expect and be prepared for?

Finding a job is an arduous task and while Dubai was reeling behind with lack of jobs due to the recent recession until about a year ago, recent reports in the media have shown that hiring time is back. However, this does not always guarantee an influx of return calls from the recruiters and we must still focus on avoiding the black hole to which most CV end up in. Some key reasons why our CV never trigger a response are…

Irrelevant Qualifications

While it is possible we may encounter many who are holding posts for which they were qualified for in the first place in Dubai, those days are a matter of the past. The recession period has taught recruiters that the right qualification for the job is critical. Companies no longer have the luxury of patience or training budgets to prepare you for a job you are not qualified for. Hence, a 5 year experience or industry certification requirements mean exactly that. Don’t apply if you are not qualified.

Obvious CV Errors

CVs in Dubai can demand a different touch to those accepted elsewhere. While following these tips to CV Writing in Dubai, you would be advised to also keep a tab of these additional points to ensure you capture the recruiter eye:

Optimize you CV with the right keywords, especially as online recruiting is on the increase and search engines of job sites pick your CV. Take a look at the job descriptions to get an idea of the kind of terms used.
Synchronize your CV across the Word document, job site profiles and LinkedIn profiles. Social media allows recruiters to validate the consistency of your CV.
First In, First Choice

While it should be obvious that the most appropriate candidates should get the call, be aware that Dubai has many job seekers coming in everyday via visit visas. This is in addition to existing Dubai residents looking for a job change. This means that most recruiters get flooded with hundreds of CVs every day. There is also a high chance that there would be a good number of CVs that match the requirements just as yours do. Since recruiters only shortlist a few, they are likely to call in those potential candidates from the first set of CVs they received. If yours lands in their inbox late, your chances also diminish. Keep a daily tab on vacancies and submit them at the earliest.

Hopping Experiences

As with all recruiters all over, Dubai also seeks to separate the job hoppers from the rest. So, if your CV shows you to be a job hopper, your chances diminish. Out here, this gains more importance considering the administrative, labor and visa costs for getting an employee onboard. The last thing any employer wants to do is to recruit you and find you to be one who keeps going after the gold rush.

Industry Certifications

While the Ministry of Labor emphasis on relevant attested university degrees for providing labor approval (a precursor to the Visa), employers in Dubai also give great importance to relevant industry certifications. Since most employees are expats from all over the world, it is difficult for them to validate your experience; they tend to compensate that with requirements for those with relevant industry certifications. Check out for the most sought after industry certifications in your domain and go acquire them a.s.a.p.

Know Your CV

CV writing can be a skill that most of us are not well versed with. This may force us to take the support of friends and professional CV writers to prepare our CV. While this is a good thing to do, it is important to ensure that you are well aware of the contents of your CV and how they are presented. A fancy CV can only get you an interview; it is finally you that has to convince them to give you that job. Dubai still likes its fancy CVs, but no longer fall for that old trap and post-recession deeply scrutinize the candidates.

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